About Us: One Team. Two Companies

AppCatalyst is not a product. It describes our team who support two strong product lines: Self Care Decisions and Surgery Partner. We’ve worked together for nearly 10 years – creating effective software platforms to deliver useful decision-support content and patient education to consumers.

In 2010, Self Care Decisions launched our first mobile app – a symptom checker called SymptomMD. It was the first consumer symptom-checking application on the marketplace.  A pediatric version, Pediatric SymptomMD, followed on its heels. Within months, we received requests from several Children’s Hospitals and the American Academy of Pediatrics to create similar white-labeled apps, branded with their organizations’ logo, color palette and calls to action. As these apps grew in popularity, the word spread. In the following years, we developed many more apps and added greater functionality with each build.

Within the next few years, our symptom checker customers started asking us to create mobile solutions for other purposes:

  • Physician-to-physician referral and consults
  • Alzheimer’s evaluation
  • Clinical documentation reference
  • Dosage guides for standardizing care

We saw the opportunity to expand beyond our symptom-checking base, but didn’t want to become a development-shop for hire. It’s only with focus that a company builds expertise and sustainability.

In 2015, St. Louis Children’s Hospital brought us a wonderful application request: an app for delivering surgery preparation and discharge  instructions to patients and their families. We loved the idea and excitedly collaborated to turn it into a reality. St. Louis Children’s own version was named Surgery Connect. With their permission, we have now created a white-label version (and our second product line), Surgery Partner.

So, where does AppCatalyst come in? App, seems self-explanatory. Catalyst is a person or thing (team) that precipitates an event…like the creation of a killer digital platform or solution.

It’s technically the name of our team: consultants, developers, customer service, QA and sales. We’re busily at work, supporting our existing clients, developing new solutions along the two product lines and attracting new business based upon the value that is delivered by our solutions.  So, whether you’re interested in:

  • Self Care Decisions: symptom checker content for websites, patient engagement apps
  • Surgery Partner: pre-and post-procedure communication apps

You can contact us for assistance.

Every parent or caretaker needs this app! I discovered it after Dr Google failed to give me viable home care advice for my 10 month old. So easy to use and, since it came from my Children's hospital, I felt comfortable with the advice given.

Happy Parent, regarding Kid Care - from St. Louis Children’s Hospital

"As consumers obsess with mobile devices, engage them with health apps."

Healthcare IT News, September 2017

“You guys are awesome and we are so thankful to have you as our partners!"

Evie Ranslem-Parsons / Director of Public Relations, Sidney Regional Medical Center, Sidney, NE

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