How our Symptom Checker Benefits Your Organization

Use our Self Care content to enhance your value as a healthcare resource. Regardless of your organization type, the tools position you for consumerism: promoting the interests of your customers.

Above all, the symptom checker helps people choose the right level of care, based upon their symptom severity. When the recommended action is mapped to the best options for fulfillment, it’s a win-win for the consumer and your organization. This custom mapping has the added benefits of

  • alerting users to convenient locations (hours & directions)
  • making them aware of care options, such as virtual care
  • offering one-tap connections to scheduling
  • helping guide members to ‘in network’ options

Make The Tools Yours

Position the tools to extend your brand throughout each useful, guided experience. And, at the same time, drive your business objectives. Your customers will think of you each time they get advice and answers to their questions.  The Self Care tools build loyalty and keep you top-of-mind, even when your target audience is not within the walls of your organization.

Check out what we have to offer for these organization types:

+ - Hospitals

Our self-care tools offer modern solutions to consumer and patient health questions: acute symptoms, behavior, first aid and dosage. Supporting their healthcare decisions and providing 24/7 access to evidence-based care advice is at the core of patient-centered, accountable care.

Choose from our proven Symptom Checker and advice content; add important links to your locations, referral services, directories, and web assets; and add a direct connection to your nurse line.


+ - Health Plans

Our self-care tools offer your members a self-service option: Instant access to evidence-based symptom support, 24 hours per day. The Symptom Checker complements your nurseline and directs members to the appropriate level of care — aligning the right timing with the right decision and the right resource.  Supporting their healthcare decisions enhances your value and directs members to appropriate care.

Your content implementation can contain our proven Symptom Checker and advice content, plus links to your in-network locations, member services, directories, and web assets.


+ - Practices

Our content supports your practice and patients (and parents) to understand how sick they are or their child is; decide on the best course of action, based upon current symptoms; and learn skills to manage minor illness and injuries at home.


Our Content, Connecting to Your Sites of Care

  • Support Tools: Our symptom checker content helps your customers determine how sick they are or their children are, and what action to take. Day or night.
  • The Right Decision: Using our decision-support tools results in the right care at the right time.
  • Connection to Your Services:  When your customers do need help: a doctor, urgent care, or emergency services, they link directly to your facilities, services and physicians.  It’s that simple.

Graphic illustrating how our Self Care Decisions self-triage tools and online medical advice platforms help you connect your care to your patients

Personal Engagement: Be as Close as Their Pocket or Purse

Your custom mobile app is the connection between your organization and your valued customers. Skip the brochure-ware. Deliver useful tools which consumers want and information parents need:

  • Symptom Checker for acute symptoms
  • Parent Advice for behavioral and developmental questions
  • First Aid instructions and illustrations
  • Drug Dosage tables for everyday over-the counter meds
  • Medication and Allergy list tracker

Personal Connections: Our tools answer, “What should I do?”  The features and functions you include in your app drive them to your care locations, physician listings, portal and service directories.

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