Self-Care Tools Support Healthcare Decisions | Empower Your Consumers

Help your consumers make the right care decisions, at the right time, in the right place, using our self-care tools.

Hospitals, health plans and physician practices use our Self Care Decisions content to assist their patients, plan members and communities with decision support and self-care knowledge. These self-care tools provide mobile and at-home access to care guides and advice that empower your consumers and build trust in your brand and services.


Our self-care tools are all available in English and Spanish and written in clear, everyday language, meeting 6th grade health literacy requirements of CMS.

Symptom Checker

Our Symptom Checker is ready the moment someone has symptoms. It helps them determine how sick they are, what level of care is appropriate, if any, and then provides step-by-step care advice for self care and/or interim symptom relief.

First Aid

Our First Aid content includes 50+ brief topics, each with an illustration to support immediate action, if needed.

Asthma Attack Illustration How to Use a MDI with Spacer

Parent Advice

Parent Advice Messages feature 147 messages that address the most common behavior and wellness questions parents ask their physicians. Each provides a description of the problem, 3 to 5 specific recommendations to address the concern, and additional resources which may be useful to your customer’s situation.

Dosage Tables

Dosage tables for commonly used over-the-counter drugs, referenced in our Care Advice. These consist of 5 child dose tables, based upon weight and age, and 17 adult dose tables.

Medication and Allergy List

The Medication and Allergy List allows your customers to track important information about their family’s prescriptions and OTC medications. This can be instrumental for medication reconciliation, when patients present for care. They can also store prescription IDs and pharmacy phone numbers for easy refills.

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