Symptom Checker FAQs

General questions

+ - What is an engagement app?

We use the term “engagement app” to refer to an app that acts as a holder for a suite of tools. These can include our tools (Symptom Checker, First Aid Guides, Find a Doctor, etc.), and/or your own organization’s tools.

A user of an engagement app will access all the available tools from a single place on their phone, providing easy access to information wherever and whenever they need it.

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+ - How do we customize our apps?

Everything about our apps and tools, other than the healthcare content itself, is customizable. We will work with you to apply your brand, color palette, and unique app names to the finished product.

We discuss our customization process in detail here.

+ - Who Are Barton Schmitt and David Thompson?

Drs. Barton Schmitt and David Thompson are the authors of our self-triage content. Barton Schmitt, MD, FAAP wrote the first book on pediatric telephone triage in 1980. He is a practicing pediatrician and has served as the Medical Director of the Pediatric Call Center at Children’s Hospital of Colorado since 1988. David Thompson, MD, FACEP is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He serves as part-time faculty attending in the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Emergency Department.

Drs. Schmitt and Thompson review and update the existing triage topics on a yearly basis. The review includes input from nurses and physicians, consumers, statistical evidence (QI projects and research) and medical evidence (literature review), and feedback from a broad panel of reviewers. Important urgent changes are delivered on a timely basis, as changes occur in medicine. New care guides and topics are developed each year. All are evidenced-based, reviewed and referenced.

Questions about Symptom Checker

+ - Why is Self Care's Symptom Checker better than others?

The Symptom Checker and the Schmitt-Thompson triage protocols, from which it was derived, are both trusted by doctors and nurses. The Symptom Checker care guides are currently being utilized in hundreds of healthcare organization websites/portals, 350 office websites, and more than 50 mobile phone apps.

Our Symptom Checker has been reviewed and approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). In a 2015 study by Harvard physicians, researchers found that symptom checkers based upon the Schmitt-Thompson nurse triage protocols were more likely to provide appropriate triage decisions. Ours ranked as the most reliable of the triage symptom checkers.

+ - How can we use the Symptom Checker for our hospital?

Your patients probably have a lot of questions, which you can easily answer when they are on site. But when they are elsewhere (home, work, traveling), this can become much more challenging. Our Symptom Checker app and our other tools offer a modern solution to consumer and patient health questions surrounding symptoms, child behavior and development, first aid guidelines, and medication dosages. Through a mobile app or web-based tool, you can support your clients’ healthcare decisions and provide 24/7 access to evidence-based care advice.

The Symptom Checker also acts as a referral engine. For every symptom checked, the recommended actions are to seek care or manage (minor) symptoms at home. We can connect every Seek Care outcome to your locations (ERs, Urgent Cares), your physicians (Find a Doctor) and your scheduling services for appointments and/or telemedicine.

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+ - Can I add additional features to my apps or website (along with Symptom Checker)?

Yes! We have the following pre-built tools and features available that can be added to Symptom Checker:

  • Parent Advice Messages
  • Profile Management
  • First Aid Guides
  • Find/Map Your Physicians
  • Dosage Tables
  • Medication & Allergy Tracker
  • Push Notifications
  • Patient/Portal Access

We can also work with you to develop custom features that will complement your app offering.

+ - How Does Content Licensing Work?

It starts with a conversation. We price the content based upon the type and size of organization you represent and they format of content deliverable which best suits your needs (website, mobile app, API). The basis for our pricing by organization type includes:

  • Hospitals and Health systems: aggregate bed size
  • Health plans, employers and countries: population or membership size
  • Practices: the number of named, primary care providers

When you are ready to discuss the details, simply Contact Us.